Hadoes yoyo string

Hadoe sent me yoyo string to test and he asked me to do a review:
223: this string was a little ruff when i first put it on, it does great whips, slacks, lacerations, etc. when it got broken in it was really soft. it plays however fast you want it to. Its a step up from yye poly strings.

221: these are a softer and faster version of the 223’s except with better tension.

112: these strings are ruff at first, it is the two strings above put together, they play awesome. these take awhile to break in, so if you like rough strings these are for you, tension is pretty good. and colors are like LOOK A[font=blue]T ME[/font]

123: i personally didnt like these, its hard to explain but im sure other peoople will like them, and they where a lil to tightly twisted and are thin

333: all i can say is wow, these strings are the best out of the five, they are soft, whips are amazing so are lacerations and hooks, they are a slower string, i tried to play fast and it just lagged the speed but these are my fav. because im a slower player. i suggest these for begginers or more advance player looking for a slow string. this is the string that is on my severe right now, you can here them whip through the air. they are just plain flat out amazing.

Thanks for the review :smiley: If anyone has questions about the string send me a PM ;D