H vs Step Round

I like yoyos that are marketed as either H or Step round yoyos, but I have no idea what the difference is. I know the definitions of both of the terms, but I don’t see how the TP Palpitation is step round and the CLYW Borealis is H, because to me they look exactly the same. Is there some kind of distinguishing feature that I’m not getting or are they actually like basically the same?

While I am a noob and can’t give much advice, I’ll try to help you as much as possible. The TP seems to have less angle advancement each “step” and is far more round throughout. The Borealis has a higher angle advancement per "step, and therefore is less round.

Hope you can understand that :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, only a tiny difference in width and are basically the same thing marketed under different terms.

To my understanding, H shape should have more pronounced stepping between the yoyo wall and the rim, while stepped round, like the name implies, only have a stepping between yoyo sections.

Although it seems blurred now days.
It seems what type the yoyo are is really up to the people that design them.

THis pic may help a little. There are V - W - O - H and hybrids of them as well. 

Would the Orca be counted as an H or W?

If it was a hybrid, it would be a V/O hybrid, steps not included

Most of CLYW’s are V/O hybrids. :slight_smile:


There’s so much variety in yo-yo shapes that it’s hard to really classify them all as a certain type. If you’re seeing these labels on retailers websites, then that’s just whatever the person writing the description thought it should be called at the time.

It’s not something to take too literally, whether they’e saying h-shape or step rounded, you can kind of picture it in your head and that’s the main idea in describing something.