Difference between V and Step straight profile


What are the pros and cons of each profile?


There are basically three modern shapes with 1A yoyos: “V-cut”, “H-profile”, and “Organic.” Among each of these there are sub-styles but especially among V-cut.

“V” or “V-cut” is an umbrella term. “Step straight” is actually the epitome of “V-cut.” But there are other types of “V-cuts” like “Step round,” “mixed straight,” “inverse round,” “straight”, “flat rim” and others I’m likely forgetting.


Step Straight: C3 Berserker, YYF Supernova, CLYW Bonfire, onedropxCLYW Summit

Step Round: C3 Krown, Turning Point Positron, onedrop Yelets

Mixed Straight: Yoyomonster Checkmate, Yoyomonster Agonist, Duncan Torque

Inverse Round: Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MK II, sOMETHING Superfly Remix, Duncan Barracuda

Straight: C3 Dymension, YYJ Phenom, Sturm Panzer Schneider, Werrd Tre 2k13

Flat rim: YYF MVP 2, YoyoOfficer Lava, YYF 888

Check out profile pics of these yoyos and you’ll get an idea of how to identify the different shapes.

As for the differences, I couldn’t tell you much performance-wise. I like V-cuts in general except for flat rims, because flat rims don’t utilize all of the width of the yoyo for trapeze width. They are going the way of the dinosaur with a few exceptions. Some shapes are a little more comfortable to hold. Step round, mixed straight, and inverse round are all comfortable shapes IMO. Step straight is a little less comfortable. Straight is a lot less comfortable.