Gyroscopic flop

How do i make the yoyo do more than one spin

Are you using the method when you pinch the string and plastic whip it?

As you pull, rotate your throwhand wrist in the direction that the yoyo is turning. This speeds up the spin, so you get more flops per throw.

Or tilt your non throwhand up. But you have to avoid rubbing the yo. Or rub it on purpose, and it will spin faster.

Here are some very helpful tips for you:

Regardless of how you choose to mount the flop (Ie. Plastic whip, from a trapize, from a forward bind) keep firm tension on the strings. If you mount the Flop in your hand make sure your Thumb and Pinky finger are firmly pulling the strings.

The flop is sensitive, use only slight movements to adjust the yoyo.

Mount the Flop however you choose, the direction of the spin of the top of the yoyo is your lead string. (The lead string on a flop thats thrown from a sleeper, is the string/s that is farthest from you) Before you pull the strings tight pick a side of the butterfly shape on your yoyo to be the “Front”. Try your best to keep your lead string “tilted” toward the “Front” side of your yoyo as you pull the strings tight.

Once the yoyo begins to flop keep the lead string tilted toward the “Front” of your yoyo that you picked earlyer. The amount of “Tilt” you give to the same side, the faster the yoyo will “Flop”.
The Ideal Flop is slow and controlled so lean the lead string(s) toward your “Front” as the yoyo makes its way around the strings makeing sure not to tilt too hard. The Tilt is “relative” to the yoyo, so watch the yoyo close and use only small movments as the yoyo flops over and over for you. :slight_smile:

I really hope I helped. Please post if you are haveing any kind of problems.

Meh, I don’t think the people up there ^^ except maybe concretcutter can actually do 20+ flops :stuck_out_tongue:

But i don’t really understand your example concretcutter?

The whipping method is gonna get you more than 30 flops with a good throw and control. The trapeze/braintwister method is only gonna get you abt 10, because of the speed of the spin.

I’m not sure why, but the whipping method WILL speed up your flops. The easier ways to get into the mount are gonna get you really slow flops, and you will run out of sleep time. This is true by the way, i can do up to maybe 25 flops with the whip method? (I only did 22 flops with a dismount before(vid tournament), but if I concentrate, i can probably do 25. But with the trapeze method, i can barely get 10 (My yo dies by then), and with the brain twister method i get bored before the 5th flop, because it spins so slowly.

The truth is, The wider your gap, The better your flop. All you do, is pull hard, and prevent the yoyo’s response/sides from rubbing on the string. That is all you need to know. Acceleration and slowing down comes later, after you have mastered the prevention of the rubbing. It can help you by putting your hands completely perpendicular to the ground, because you can prevent rubbing even easier with a better view. Maybe I’ll make a tut for acceleration and slowing down soon ::slight_smile:

If you count complete revolutions… Im at 9-11. (so is that 18-22 Flops? I dont know.)

I totally understand that my example is somewhat confusing, but I could not agree more with the whole “keep-the-strings-away-from-the-yoyo” advice. Setting your yoyo to the Widest gap ( if its adjustable) and getting a good view of whats happening in the yoyo are also great tips mentioned by Rsmod123.

Some clarifacation on my example from earlier:

“Lead string”: When doing a Gyro flop, there will more than likely be 3 strings coming from your yoyo. Two of which are actually the same string simply looped around the Axle. The other string is the string thats permanently on your yoyo.( if a clock was a yoyo in a gyro mount, the lead string/s would be the string/s on the right side of the clock). “The strings that the yoyo is spinning towards”.

“Tilt”: Keeping the strings from touching any part of the yoyo other than the Axle is the key to getting several flops, but when you need to get the flop going, you will need to pull the strings firmly while tilting toward the side of the yoyo.

“Front”: A “wing” of the butterfly yoyo that you pick to be the side that you will tilt your lead string towards should the flop need to be accerated, or away from should you need to slow the flop down.

Keep practicing and PLEASE ask questions should you have any problems :slight_smile:

Which way do you tilt?

You throw harder to make the yoyo spins faster to flop.
Happy Throwing! =]

You Tilt towards the side of the yoyo that you picked to be the “Front”.

How do you tilt it? Like up, to the side, down.etc

You keep your left hand still, and move your right hand towards the “Front”

My Key in doing many gyro flops is to keep my left hand still while my right hand pushes harder than the left, then I keep looking in the gap if the string touches the sides, keep the string always centered, dont mind the left hand much, just keep your righ hand pushing hard and keep away from the sides of the yoyo

hope it helps ;D

thanks everybody!
i put all of your advice together and i went from being able to do 1 rotation(2 half turns) to being able to do 2.5 rotations. i think i just need to keep practicing.
once again thanks everybody it really helped.