Gyroscopic Flop trouble

ok first off let me tell you i cant do the whip into Gyro Flop like in the tutorial. I do a braintwister mount and grab the string closest to my body with my th and pull. My yoyo goes about 1/4 way around the string and it makes a loud buzzing noise and dies.

Any help? Is it not working cuz i didnt do the whip?

I had this EXACT same problem. Here’s my thread, with other people’s answers:

Ok i know how to mount it but the yoyo keeps dying because im probably not pulling right on the string

Any suggestions?

You don’t need to pull extremely tight but put tension on the string. Slowly move the string towards the response of the yoyo but only slightly. That will get the yoyo to start turning.

Thanks i got it to turn once but it died

Wait… Tilt the mount or slide the string toward the edge of the yoyo?

Slide the string.

i am sure that im nt doing it right, when i slide the string the yoyo goes OUT OF CONTROL and flies around the string and spins off :-\

what yoyo

Dark Magic, it either spins out of control or turns 45 degrees and goes back to where it started

the string should not touch the edge of the yoyo. Also try to pinch the folded over string so it’s not spread out.

i had the same problem with spinning out at first. i found that i was doing the trick right but it was spinning out cuz i couldnt control it well enough. it helped me to play around with how tight i pulled the strings while i was in a gyro mount, and it also helped me to play around with how far i offset the string to the yoyo gap, the more offset the string and the harder i pull the mount the faster it spins(out). hope this helps

I have got the exact same problem! It just goes out of control or dies.

if you do the whip i believe it helps with the rotation more

The whip is helpful, but not necesarry, it does nothing but provide a more stylish way of entering the trick.

Try pulling less on the string. Tilt the mount forward on the first flop, backward on the second, and so on, don’t slide the string.

OK, try pullin gently on the sting and move ur throw hand slighly in front or ur non throw hand
slightly back

When I was learning Gyro flops, I had a lot of trouble with the trick. I couldn’t do the whip, I couldn’t get it to spin right, etc. Then, I realized you could do Gyro Flops from a Mach 5 position. After I tried it here, I got multiple flops with tons of control.

You just gotta make sure that the string isn’t rubbing against the sides and keep the perfect amount of tension on the string.

to make sure the yoyo doesn’t touch the string you need to rotate your hands counterclockwise. your hands should line up with the gap of the gap of the yoyo on each side of it.

i also have a dm. a way to do it is to got into a mach five and instead of dismounting, drop the string from your throwhand index finger then grap and pull the string closest to you with your throw hand ;D
good luck

The way i did it was by putting tension on the string, but instead of moving the strings torders the response i made it so that it wouldn’t touch the response and it worked for me. And i like to put my
throw hand lower then the nth