Gyro flop help


When I pull the strings the yoyo either spins out of control, or starts spinning and then turns back the way it came. Also I am not doing it from a trapeze, I’m doing it the other way.


Dont let the string hit the side. keep it centered.


You have to tilt the string to one side to turn the yoyo to that side. It sounds confusing, but you will get it. You gotta just play with it until you can get it good. If you really want, I’ll make a vid on the best way to do it.


I think I know what you mean. You mean the top string (the one the yoyo is not on) right? Anyway, I tried this and the yoyo ends up spinning the opposite way I tilt the string and I can get one turn out of it.


The string not connected to the yoyo it useless. I’m talking about the ones connected to the yoyo.