GWAY Throws - Daredevil

Disclaimer: I got this yoyo for free in a random giveaway. I did not receive it for the purpose of doing a review.

I’ve had The Daredevil for about a week now and I’ve had some time to gather my initial thoughts on it. So far, I have been enjoying it and I never get to try something before the general public, so I felt compelled to write a short review. Let’s start with the specs:

Material - 7068 aluminum
Bearing - D sized concave
Weight - 62g
Diameter - 53.5mm
Width - 44mm
Gap width - 4.4mm
Release date - 10/8 @ 8 pm EST on YoYoExpert and the GWAY Throws site.

Getting down to the basics… The Daredevil is slightly undersized with an organic H shape, so it is very comfortable in the hand and has a wide enough gap to be able to land tricks with ease. Binds are really tight and reliable without feeling snappy. When it comes back hard to your hand, it still hits soft. I like this about it very much. It also has a surprising amount of stability for being as light as it is. It has enough power and spin time that it should be able to handle more complex tricks than I’m capable of doing. So far, I haven’t found anything I couldn’t throw at it. The balance of lightness and power makes this a really fun and capable throw.

Some of the design aspects that really stand out are in the finish and the cup. This thing is smooooth. Finger grinds are easily done and the finish just feels and looks really nice. The cup has an inner lip under the rim that is perfect for doing thumb grinds. It locks your thumb right in. Then there are the spikes in the center of the cup. They aren’t just cool looking, they’re also functional (and they don’t get in the way of finger spins. DNA your heart out). Talon grinds work very well. It’s small enough to easily get my hand around it and the spikes are just sharp enough to lock you in and smooth enough to keep it spinning for a long time. So, if you’re interested in matador style play, this is definitely something you should have on your radar. It’s very versatile.

Overall, the description they give it is pretty spot on. “The Daredevil encourages you to take risks and try something new.” If you’re on the fence, make like Evil Knievel and jump.


Well said. I dig this throw as well. Closest comp for me would probably be to call it something along the lines of a monometal FD rooster. Size and shape are in the same ballpark (although not identical), D bearing, etc. GWAY certainly didn’t try to make a mono Rooster, but the result in terms of some traits and how much I enjoy it… Yeah, so good.


Nice post about the daredevil. Sounds nice


I passed on this throw out of the gate because I think the logo for it is awful (yes I’m petty that way), but now it’s on my list of considerations for when I feel like treating myself to a new yoyo! Which probably won’t be for a long time because I’m happy with what I have but on the other hand, I’ve never tried 7068…


lol that’s cool. I like the logo. The silver ones don’t have the engraving, so maybe pick up a silver one if you decide to grab it.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Daredevil, I am overjoyed that you like it.

Really nice review!


I think there might be some MF doom engraved ones if you’re into that sorta thing. This is a seriously sick yoyo though


Woah, woah, woah… I’m gonna need an MFDoom engraving!