Guessing Game Giveaway! Simple, Easy, Only Until 3/20

Hey Everyone!

Quick, simple, easy contest for you guys!

Watch this video:

Next step, count how many G2 logos you count in the background of my video!

Post the number you count on this thread and I will choose whoever guesses closest.

Please only one guess per person
Note: As the scene transitions or changes, the logos are “new”. Even if they are on the same rock. We count logos by each scene.

Goodluck, have fun!

G2 Yoyo sticker pack, various amounts of string, bragging rights for being able to count correctly :slight_smile:

*winner will be chosen when number is guessed correctly, or by midnight 3/20/14



Soo… Who won…

Well, there’s only you and me. And our guess is the same. He might have some trouble deciding,

But you changed yours…

First you said 20…

He never revealed the real answer. I can change all I want.

How about we both add a second number, anything from 1 to 10, after Proboscis thinks of one. Whoever is closer wins.

well since it looks like he hasn’t revealed yet im going 35


What if we’re just being used for free youtube views?

it says when he edited it, so i’d say the person who posted the number first (you) haha.

it’s only fair. because someone posts is first shouldn’t decide if they get it first. it should be who guessed it first (hence me saying everyone can see when he edited it)

This sucks, 26

Wait, huh? Are you talking about me or him?

geez, you’re all so protective of your number. fine. I guess 28. now stop complaining.

No, not really, i’m more irked at cheaters, sorry. :-\