Guess who back, back with their k3?

Hello! I know we all had a magic yoyo k series review already, but I’m pretty sure no one has done a k3 yet, so that’s what I’m here for! I got the new k3 yoyo from magic yoyo and people, if you haven’t had a magic yoyo yet, you need to get one. And it’s name shall be k3. (I actually would say get the n12, but I was being dramatic.) So, lets get on with my first impressions!

This thing is sick! The red paint job is so shiny! The luster on this thing is incredible. Second thing I would like to hit on is the packaging actually. Wow! I thought I got 3 yoyos at first, the box it was in was huge! To anyone who got the 888 premium box, this was 2 as big. There was a reason or that, as I also 2 yoyo gloves (Not all that good quality, but still, it was nice) and 6 stings. For what for you all say? Well since magic yoyo is all about the price vs the quality, I’ll say the price last. You know, to tease.

I might have a lot of pros on this one. First thing was the color. The sharp shiny red was SO nice to the eyes. Like eye candy. Like red candy apple eye candy. With hubstacks. OH MY GOD the hubstacks! Throwers, the hubstacks on this thing is amazing. So smooth, so quiet and so, so comfortable! They’re a bit larger than say a 888 hubstacks, but that’s the amazing part! They shaped it to feel more comfortable and fit fingers better! It’s amazing guys! Like it’s SOOO addicting to do a rip start. It feels SO right in the hands. The size is the size of a normal throw, maybe a hair on the smaller side, but not much. It’s beautiful guys.

Cons: I don’t know I this was for everyone, but the shipping took AGES. Like, a month in a half. I actually forgot I ordered this. And this may not be a big thing to some people, but the response pads a little too good. Skin the gerbil was giving me trouble, but over all not that many problems.

Over all, I would give this throw a 9/10. I would have been a little tougher if it was more expensive, but the TOTAL PRICE FOR THE GLOVES AND STRING AND YOYO AND SHIPPING (I got on amazon shortly after they came out) WAS 19 U.S. DOLLARS!!! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

All in all, magic yoyo has done it again, and has continued to deliver amazing throws for rock bottom prices.

Thanks for the review, I was thinking the whole k series were terrible judging from other opinions… Guess that’s not the case.

I forgot if it was the k8 or 9, one was bad and one was good, but the k3 was killer!!!

I think the k5 is the real highlight of the series, it’s a true signature throw, I believe has gold plated bearings and it has weight rims (maybe steel, IDK). A bimetal signature throw for less than $20 ? Yes please.

It looks like it has seperate weight rings but they’re actually just silver anodize. Kinda obvious when you see the gold/silver color which is completely solid

Still a great yoyo for $20 tho .

I didn’t get a chance to get the k5, the k3 was on sale so I decided to get that one. XD

Check it, that and some smart U yoyos really say “gold bearing”, it’s not the reflection.
Some of them show normal cage with golden balls and some show the whole thing plated.