Guess What

I have a talent show audition this Friday and I am doing a freestyle to the tune of Rock N’ Roll Train by ACDC. My mom then said

“I can’t wait to see your cute walk the dog and baby cradle tricks.”

“Mom, I’m going to be doing the big league stuff.”

“Oh, please! Walk the Dog is more impressive than that!”

Anything like this ever happened to you guys?

haha,ya,when I was a begginer,then I showed her the ladder escape vid,lol.

lol i almost always got harassed at school to do walk the dog all the time then finally i was like ENOUGH and i did a gyro flop … now thats all they want to see :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate that so much everyone everywhere “hey do walk the dog!” then you say no it’ll ding my metal yoyo then the don’t care if you can do anything else.

Ya,it sucks when that happens,I told someone o do it on my metal zero(dont have anymore) and said,you owe me $40 bucks,lol.(just did that cause I hated the metal zero)