Guess how im getting a new kendama

so I have been playing kendama for about 2 weeks now and I have been wanting a sweets kendama. so one night I’m playing in my room and my younger brother sees me a says that looks easy and the thing about my brother he has a yoyo and tries to some tricks but he cant hardly land in a under mount so he’s been trying to find a skill toy that he likes. so back to that night so I leet hem try it so that he can see that it’s hard so I show hem how to do big cup he never landed it once but he was hooked. so he started talking about buying a kendama right and he wants a catchy air but I tell hem to go ahead and get a wooden kendama so we go and look up kendamas on to see if theirs any in store so their not in store but they only $9 vs $15 and its buy 2 get one free so my brother is going to buy 2 today and sell on the third one for half the original price