Gsquared Pills: a review


I had to write a review first to support Brandon who is a really cool guy with some crazy skills, second because his pills are crazy good.


I got the compass pill from the new series Brandon put out. It looks really good, the paint has this faded look like it was weather from the ocean. The logo on the bottom came out real professional looking. Can’t say enough about how amazing it looks.


It’s much larger then the terra pill I have and a first feels heavy. After playing for awhile it solid but not too heavy. I really like the size of it and now find the terra pill too small lol. The play of it is really well balanced, it just wants to land on the spike. I am by no means good at pills but with this one I have found it eaiser to land trick that I found hard on the Terra. It stalls no problem and no matter how many times it flips it always land true.


If your looking for a pill you can not go wrong with a Gsquared pill. If your just looking for a diffrent size pill Brandon has more different sizes for you for sure. Its tons of fun I can’t seem to put it down!!


Good review, now I’m looking forward to getting one in the future. :smiley:


Pics, man, pics!


trying won’t let me post pics for some reason.


Link, man. Link.


thank you adam for great the review on my product!!! yeah the pic upload doesn’t work for me either but everyone can see the pics of all the pills ive made on my facebook @ brandon hodges from middletown ny


? didnt i post pics here like yesterday and someone replied to them and everything ???


Yeah but there was a rollback because the server crashed or something (it went back 12 hours), if you wish you can post them again. Oh and I was the one who commented on them, I believe I said my favorite ones were the whale, the ship, and the compass. :smiley:

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Are these G-squared pills in any way connected to Jacob Gross’s yoyo company?


more pictures and pills on my facebook brandon hodges from middletown ny