almighty pill i made


heres a giant pill i made i call the “almighty pill” on my lathe and its being compared to gsquareds triton which is not an undersized throw i any way :smiley: thought id be cool to share


Looks pretty damn sweet ;D


Looks really nice man! ;D

On an unrelated note though, what’s up with all the people making pills all of the sudden…?

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Pills are fun and easy to make.

That looks formidable, Brandon. Hope I get to play it or one like it sometime. The spike seems like it would catch if not perfectly lined up, though. Are there any issues with that for you?


lol ill have at least one always for myself gonna make some more to sell no problems with catching, stalls work great birdies all day … but be warned extended play hurts your back lmao


Careful with selling these. Terra has a patent :stuck_out_tongue: Although it doesn’t resemble a pill exactly, patents are tricky.

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**patent pending