FS/FT: G2 Reaper | G2 Campaign (Legendary)

I am currently cleaning out my case / shelves of things I don’t play with or am not super into. Everything that’s currently available is below. I will periodically update the post with new things, so keep an eye on it!

Prices and trades always negotiable within reason.

What I want
:heavy_dollar_sign:Cash (Paypal / Cashapp. I will also accept cash if it’s included in a trade)

Trade Interests

Brand YoYo of Interest - - -
PDX Batsquatch Swamp Monster
Radical Seas Satyr (HG edition only)
The Good Life Mantra (Goon edt. only)
Recess Vacation Weekend Charm Quiz
G-Squared Up for anything
Freshly Dirty Moldy Bread Stale Bread Untitled 2020 Cardboard Steamboat
YoYoWorkshop Cthulhu
iYoYO Pyro X
YoYoFactory 401k PPK 888
Whimsy Pokerface (white)
Unspoken Murmur Decoy

What I got
G Squared - Campaign “Legendary” - $70 - Shipped!
This is the heaviest version of all of the campaigns that were produced. It’s pretty awesome and plays extremely well on the string, it’s just a tad too heavy for my liking. I prefer the heroic edition a little bit more. Fantastic like new shape. It was thrown a handful of times and shelved. Perfect condition.
Comes with - Koozie, box, Air freshener and Pin.


G Squared - Reaper - clear - $100? - Shipped!
The ever popular Reaper. Just not really my style. It plays great and sadly hasn’t been thrown but a handful of times. I just wasn’t too into it. Perfect condition.
Comes with - Box, Koozie,


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