FS/FT: G2, TopYo, YYF

Quarantine sale! Isolation has made me really reconsider what yoyos I keep in my collection, and I need to downsize. All prices include shipping and PayPal G&S fees. As always feel free to DM with any questions or offers.

For Sale/Trade:
G2 Campaign (Heroic, comes with everything you see): $45 MIB
TopYo Button: $30 MIB
YYF Daydream: Free w/ purchase or $5

MYY Aurora: $old
YYF Flight Pro: gone!
YYF Nine Dragons: gone!

Trade Wants: Virtuoso, Flashback, Motive, Ultralights, or anything interesting

Bundle Deal: Take all for $50 shipped!


Orbital GTX for $50?! and that black w/ gold rims is superb.


@quinton or @Sinister_Yoyos


Thanks dog. I’m too damn slow


Everything is now up for trade! Added some cheap throws as well.

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Dm sent

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Added an Abyss!


@FrankieJR my dude, here’s an ILYY Abyss. it’s a good one.


bump, Campaign added!

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price drops!

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check our PM’s if you don’t mind. :smiley:

Easter bump!

Bump with price drops! Need to buy some more yarn :grimacing:

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that Campaign isn’t gone? hmm… :thinking:

Need to sell something! Added a Boy.

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bump! a few price drops

up to the top

Sent you a DM.

I have an og yoyodesign level 6 to trade for the clyw boy plus some cash