FT / FS - G2 / C3 / yyfriends / yyfactory / rcs / MORE PRICE DROPS! Added clyw & mowl

Looking for trades mostly but will sell. Looking for G2 / rso / anti-yo / yoyorecreation / 07- 08 888 / luftverk / onedrops that i don’t have in s.m. or anything else that is interesting. I am willing to add cash to trade for the right yoyo too. F&F only because of new paypal rules - please rep check me. Add for shipping. If you don’t like my price then shoot me an offer.

Everything is mint / nm unless noted.

Most of these are duplicates so just making room for some new stuff.

I can send more pictures / videos of them spinning if you need.

Most have original boxes.

P.M. with questions

Ignore local pick up.

1st row:
top yo impulse 2020 - $20 (never removed from box)

2nd row:
spintastics tornado 2’s - $10 ea
tigershark - $10
All spintastics for $20

3rd row:
c3 vanitas - $100
zero gravity basilisk (c bearing) - SOLD
rain city author - $30
zeekio z1 (ti) - SOLD

4th row:
horizon - $35
blue wide angle shutter (small nick doesnt break anno still smooth) - $35
5a shutter - $25
shutter - SOLD

5th row:
purple k0i - $45
red & green humming b1rd - $100
purple pink fade k0i - $50

6th row
banshe ss - $115
deep state - (couple marks from the previous owner but still smooth) $35 sold

Boy - $90

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Bump 1


Bump and price drop

Friday bump!

Saturday bump! Dropped some prices! These things need some loving homes!

Sunday bump! If you see something you like make an offer!

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Monday bump, mowl gone!

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Bump! Lets get these into some loving new homes, price drop! Or trades? Lmk what you have.