Gsquared nessie Responsive

When I got this yoyo it was responsive, I desheilded it and put some thin lube on it, now what is the best way to break it in?

I would suggest cleaning it before you put the lube in it. Then put a
Very small amount of lube in, if you put lube in at all, Using the end of a pin.

If that doesn’t solve the problem be sure to contact me. Sometime
Those bearings can be tricky, but I test everyone before it goes out.

Did you buy it new?

Both my Nessie and Albatross were and still are dead unresponsive. How was it when you first got it?

I’m assuming you mean that the bearing was tug responsive. If so, clean the bearing. I put mine in pure acetone for about 10 minutes (shaking it occasionally) then let it dry for a while on some paper towels. You can also spin it a bit on the end of a rod before letting it dry. It should be completely unresponsive when cleaned and dry.

Adding lube actually makes it more responsive. If you want to add lube after it’s clean just put a very small amount (like a tenth of a drop) on a sewing needle and rub it gently on the balls of the bearing. Too much lube (even thin lube) will make it tug responsive. A very small amount of lube should keep it spinning long while making it smooth and quiet, though.

I dont really have anything to clean it, so I just put some thin lube on it, only a bit though. For now I am just playing it with a different bearing.

Dawn dish soap works.

Wash it in water with that, and blow it out with compressed air, spin it on a pencil.

Lube slows bearings down.

Do you have carb spray?

Mineral spirits?

Anything like that?

I dont really have any of those, but I do have trumpet valve oil. I remember hearing that you can use that.

The Nessie started off great and unresponsive, it slowly got more responsive, though. To clarify, it was already tug responsive by the time I put thin lube on it.

Lube makes yoyos responsive.

Lube doesn’t clean bearings.

Now you have to either clean the bearing and lube it lightly,

or just break in that lube.

To break in the bearing you put trumpet valve oil in I would recommend putting it back in the yo-yo and trowing a lot of sleepers. Should help break it in evenly.

For future reference, you might want to pick up the following items.

A glass container (I use an old Smucker’s Jelly Jar)
Mineral Spirits
Can of compressed air
One Drop V4M Bearing Lube

Best way I have found to clean a bearing is to put some mineral spirits in the glass jar and swish the bearing in it. I then pull it out and blow out the excess liquid with the compressed air.

When it comes to applying the lube I do the same thing Jake mentioned, I put a drop on a pin and use that to apply it to the bearing. After putting it back in the yo-yo I throw a couple sleepers and it is fit for play.

While lube in general makes bearing responsive the V4M does it less so than any other on the market. I am friends with the guy who sourced it for One Drop, the man is, no joke, probably the smartest person I know when it comes to engineering, fluid dynamics, and just plain science in general. I am one of those that hates loud bearing so I always lube them.

The bearing in your Nessie sounds like some dust or dirt got into it. Even with shields it can happen over time. Generally speaking, a good cleaning will always solve this issue.

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