Growing weary of the darkness

So I have been making a lot of new stock, and I have been working with darker colors. Now I can do either style bright dark mix of both 3 colors 4 colors metalics. Basically I just want suggestions. If you were thinking of trying something out let me know what it is (if you want) and I will make it and put pics up. Not to mention I’ll give 50% off discount to on your next order if you come up with something really cool.

Wow I like this first suggestion I got.


I need supplies before I can do my next requests, but I thought I would showcase some metalic works.

you should do like holiday style strings, such as an orange and black twist for Halloween, green and red for christmas, and so on

pm away 8)

I still want to toy with this request a bit, but I heres a preview of orange blue and pink. I still need more metalic colors, and some light colors for my requests, but Holiday themes are up next.

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These look pretty.

Awesome!!! I know what strings I’ll be buying next.

Just gotta say pictures on Monday I can’t wait.

Rainbow Vomit (Unnamed[all other requests have been Humboldts])[modified had the wrong pic up]

Joker Humboldt LOVE IT

and Sonoma duel metalic gold and bronze

What a week enjoy

The Joker one is beautiful.

Amazing color combos! :o

AHH I can’t believe I don’t have individual pics of this yet.

Halloween strings are on the far right better pics will be coming I promise

Also a pictured is a botched Rainbow vommit on the far left.

got another one. Brown and orange for thanksgiving, green and gold for st patricks day, rainbow for easter. red white and blue for 4th of july (and for new year’s, maybe?)

Oh definitely man. I got more ideas to come in the holiday themes

I love the red/bronze/gold color.
You should send me some. ;D

Easter v2.0 – Pastel Purple, Pastel Pink, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue(or Pastel Yellow); Call it Peter’s Cotton Tail

wanna trade again?

I haven’t made as many new styles as I would like, but check this one out

Put in orange/BABY blue/Raspberry.

Can’t believe I had to mod that