GLOW IN THE DARK Element String!!!!!


These are glowing Element Strings!

These are rare too!

I made one proto run, and I’ll tell you some stuff about them.

The proto wasn’t such a great player, but was very atractive in the dark.

They seem to wear out a bit quicker, and may leave some glow on your hands, but that’ll wear away in a few days.

These will be very rare, and only 10 will be made. Each numbered. I think I know what I’m going to do with these.

I’ll sell 4, in an auction type thing on the YoYoExpert b/S/T only! The bidding will start at $1.00 and go up from there, with the auction lasting a week.

I’ll keep 4, just for myself, but I’ll never use them.

And I’ll give 2 to my two sponcored people, JM and j4dude.

These will be worth something someday!

I don’t have them made yet, but I’ll keep you updated, be on a lookout in the B/S/T!

Can you reserve me one?

I love you. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh :o
you sponsor people

Wait, what about me? :(.

Sweet! I think its time to paint the inside of my mosquito with glow paint.

You weren’t sponcored, you were a tester. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might give you one, I’ll see.

Yes, Yes I do.

You’ll have to bid in an auction.

I should make string and sponsored people:D

Lets see some pics.

Still working on making them look good.

I’ll probably make a video.

ahh I see what you did there you should let them dry for a while, you wouldnt want any lawsuits about people rubbing their eyes and going blind :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, the pictures don’t look good no matter what I do.

I’m trying flash, but that’s just making them look normal, but without flash, it looks like nothing.

How do I get sponsored?

I love glow in the Gark string. ::slight_smile:

GLOW IN THE DARK Element String!!!

I made glow in the dark string and its pretty tight. Mad expensive though.

And to gm user, did you dip your strings in glowstick goop?

I did that once. Hehe.

Oh, thanks, lol.

Dipped it in glow goop.

Working on making that work better.

yay that means i get one at BLC!


Change the title?

I might get one for my GITD FHZ

Can I palees have one? I’m one of your favorite players. ;D

hows about buying a white element string and dipping it in “glow goop”