Groovy Gobstopper Aftershock

Hey guys - just wanted to stop in and show off these Aftershocks. So many yoyos are looking the same these days, I came up with this colorway and MFD was able to pull it off for me. And yes they look better spinning!!!

I think this is the part where i pick my jaw up off the floor ( kinda awkward when that happens in public btw) that is stunning i love it. i want to see spinning pics! :smiley:

Can’t wait to grab one of these, they look so sweet. Looking forward to finally playing the Aftershock!

Spinning pics to come :slight_smile:

That is a such a unique ano, I love it! Can’t wait to see the spinning shots. :slight_smile:

WOW :o

Will those be for sale anywhere ?

Spinning shot you have been waiting for. These drop Saturday in the G2 store. It’s hard to get special editions like this to YYE.

my goodness those look so good if only i had the money for it.

Those are awesome! How many are made?

10 made. Only 5 or 6 will be sold

I checked the site on Saturday and they must have all been sold out. I couldn’t see but how much did you sell these bad boys for and I’m sure most every one would love to see you get more of these done by monkeyfinger.

They were 140.

I just happen to check the site just as they were posted around 12:00EST, so I was fortunate enough to grab one.

They sold out almost immediately, and the price was $140.00.

I was lucky enough to grab one too, bought mine at 12 on the dot. Can’t wait for it to come tomorrow! ;D

Yeah they were sold out right away. I’m not sure about doing more. I have different color combos I want to try but these are very labor intensive and Ray is a busy man.

I received mine this morning, and I have to say that Jake has really outdone himself on this version.

I currently own about 450 YoYo’s, and the Aftershock is my “Go-To” YoYo at this moment in time.
You combine that with an “Over the Top” anodization job like this one, and you have something really special.

Great Work Jake. :wink:

Thanks Stickman! Means a lot really!

If anyone still wants one, I’ve decided to sell mine instead up locking it in the display. Shoot me a message.