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Lookin like I need another engine! Sale start here. Once these all sell I’ll post more. Pm for more pics of specific jojos. Make offers if you’d like but I’m pretty set on how this is going to play out. No trades.

•G2 aftershock & OG banshee- unicorn speckle bundle. Both mint in box with the extras. SOLD

•G2 al7 Quake- 1/50 made. Have box and certificate of authenticity. Mint in box $175

•Yoyofactory 44- near mint in box. $35

•One Drop Rebirth- Pewter, near mint, might have the box not sure. SOLD

•G2 Triton- blood drip colorway- fairly beat but smooth, no box. SOLD

•MFD OG Gelada- few dings still smooth. $55

•Yoyofactory undersized Avant Garde, unengraved. Super limited… SOLD

•CLYW Manatee- berry melt. One ding, smooth. SOLD

•CLYW kodiak- Black bipbop. 2 marks that blend into ano, smooth. SOLD

•Wesley Cheng Perrenial- powdercoated. $25

•G2 Casefile 003 blue/grey half swap. Slight fingernail vibe. Have box. $105

I cover shipping, you cover fees.


Just a heads up, all of these unengraved versions were B grades from YYF. Didn’t see that mentioned. Mine is very smooth, but I remember Ben saying they were all b grades from vibe. Really great yoyo! Glad I bought one.


You are absolutely correct this was purchased from yyf on the b grade Friday sales. Mine as well is really smooth so I didn’t see a point in mentioning that but yes. Technically to the boss this is a b grade. Thanks!!!


Bumping Take $20 off any yoyo today only. (December 1st)

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manatee or rebirth still fs? pm if so


Bump. Price drops!!!



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