G2 OC, YYF Edge, And more!

(Christopher) #1

Hey guys, need to sell some yoyos for cash! I’m on reddit as well /u/Mellowjell-o

Paypal US only.

Curvy Donut Man - Krylon Tear Drops 65$ shipped- No marks or scratches still has box.

YYF Edge - Aqua 50$ shipped - Small scuff on the stainless steel Here otherwise no marks.

G2 OC - Orange 60$ shipped - No flaws, dead smooth with box and coozy.

YoYoFreaks #Sharp Red “sue me” - $25 a little vibe out of the box because it’s a plastic, possibly able to tune it out? I’ve never tuned a yoyo before.

YoYoFactory loop 720 Black - Pair for $25 I tried these I suck at 2A and don’t have the time to learn any so they sat on my piano!

Also looking to Trade G2 Elite (Green) no pics just bought it, for Purple rain banshee. :smiley:

(system) #2