FS: G2, Yoyofriends, Mk1, Yoyofactory, Damian Puckett, Heavensent, Motion

Selling some throws that dont get enough love. Condition and prices listed below. Prices are shipped CONUS F&F, otherwise feel free to add 3% for G&S. They all come with their original boxes except the MK1 Umbra. Not looking for any trades at the moment. Feel free to rep check me here, or on the facebook bst as Quang Truong. Also feel free to request more pics or videos to verify vibe condition.

Yoyofactory Edge Ultimatum - $$SOLD$$
Damian Puckett Wingweaver Acid Wash - Barely played, mint condition $75
Thesis/2Sick Paladin - $$SOLD$$
Yoyofriends Nucleon Acid Wash - Barely played, mint condition, glass smooth - $60
Yoyofriends Graviton - Played but very very good condition, no vibe, nail vibe or scratches $125
G2/A-RT Life - $$SOLD$$
G2 Banshee 22 EDC Gray - Mint 10/10 condition - $80
G2 Banshee SS Brass - $$SOLD$$
Mk1 Umbra - Tiny knick on inner rim, otherwise glass smooth $50

Adding some more:
Heavensent Creep Final Edition - barely played 10/10 glass smooth - $90
Heavensent Creep Final Edition NIB - $110 (basically total that i paid plus ship)
CLYW x Unknown Pickaxe - $$SOLD$$
G2 Agent 001 Pilgrim Berry Storm - $$SOLD$$
Motion Yoyo Centrifugal - $$SOLD$$
Motion Yoyo Kinetic - $$SOLD$$

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added a few more. if my prices are off please let me know

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unknown pickaxe sold!

also added motion centrifugal and kinetic. was really conflicted about selling the motions hence the date for yesterday but i’ve gotta recoupe yoyo money

Sent you a pm :call_me_hand:t2:

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Just curious how much you were selling the unknown pickaxe for? Sad I missed it

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$100 shipped, buyer basically saved shipping from clyw.

Also just to update this post, Agent 001/Pilgrim Sold

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@bcorliss3 Centrifugal


Pm’d them thanks for the heads up!

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Centrifugal sold!


Kinetic sold!


bump added graviton to the list

Paladin sold!

Edge ultimatum sold!

brass banshee SS sold!

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