Whenever I grind, my yoyo starts untwisting itself from the axle. Could it be because I used a Speeder and they have very narrow rings? Also, will a raw Peak grind well?

wow that is a weird condition i have never heard of that before. Maybe try tightening it.


well it sounds like your axle is stripping.are you focusing the grind to one side of the yoyo or all of it,and have you tried it with ur speed maker?

All and my Speed Maker is worse.

wait,do you mean it strips worse?

No. It untightens worse.

well then its probably the axle,talk to other people tommorow when the forum is a little more active ,lol.

lol. Yeah, that would be good.

good luck!

I have never heard of this problem. I have a SpeedMaker and grinding seems to work fine. You might have set the gap a little too wide, then I mean wider than widest.

Addment: Your axle may be stripped, then get some blue threadlock

Thanks. I think it’s because of all the untwisting of the yoyo for bearing maintenance.

Then your axle is probably just stripped. Go get some blue threadlocker at a hardware store. Remember to get blue, purple will be to weak and red will be too strong.


most raw yoyos do not grind as well as andodized ones.

Yep, your axle is stripped, so just go to a hard-ware store and get “Locktite: Threadlocker Blue”
It looks like this:

Also, it will still grind fine, but don’t expect it to be especially good.