Grinding with a celcon Yoyo


I am wondering if grinding is possible with a Legacy or other celcon yoyo. I havent popped of the caps yet, but can you also thumb grind. On the grinding tutorial, Aandre’ said ye can, but it is better with metal. I seems to me that the celcon would have less friction than metal.

(JonasK) #2

Celcon does grind better than regular polycarbonate yoyos. But metal will grind better than celcon.


You can grind with legacy very well, you can also thumb grind it with caps on. It will be hard but you can, look at andre at about 25. sec.


Legacy’s don’t grind. If you have SUPER SMALL fingers, you might. Otherwise, they have that weight in there. Celecon yoyos are awesome to grind on and in my opinion, are better that metal-rimmed. Metal-rimmed are kind of bouncy on my nails and are rough.


Thumb grind? You can thumb grind on yyj’s with caps fairly easily imho, if you tilt it at a slight angle it can be easy as heck.


I can thumb Grind with Legacy caps ON. I can do it with all YYJs I have played.

I don’y like Celcon grinding, my hands get sweaty and it seems just to bounce on my hand.

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Lawl at andre when he tastes the cake “mmmmm” XD I wish I was there


Did you mess up here? You said Legacy’s don’t grind but that Celcon yoyos do and are better than metal rimmed ones. That’s like saying you hate Garter snakes but then you go out and get a Python or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue: So Spencer what did you mean exactly?
Or am I the only one confused here?

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I think he ment that Legacy has small edges that you can’t fit your thumb or any finger in there for the yoyo to remain grinding otherwise it would fall, :stuck_out_tongue: That’s what I think atleast.


Oh. Yeah. Correct me and him if were wrong but yeah I think that’s it. I think i was having a brain fart ha.


So, what celcon yoyos would grind well? The kickside, Jouney and speedmakers? I thought since they weren’t rim weighted, they wouldn’t grind as well, due to less rotational inertia


All celcon yoyos grind well, Kickside, Lyn Fury, Journey, Speedmaker, New Breed just to name a few ;D

Just because they aren’t rim weighted, doesn’t mean they can’t perform like rim-weighted yoyos. Lots of celcons can do just like what metals and metal rimmed yoyos do.


Please don’t bring back old posts. This was over a week old. If you didn’t notice the date on the last one, okay, but next time remember to check the date before you post.


He was the tread starter. Maybe he still wanted to know.


There are 2 different types of grinds…

Thumb Grinds

and Arm/Finger Grinds

Most all plastic yoyos can do thumb grinds well. In my opinion, the X-ConVict is the best. It is very hard on a PGM because of the hubstacks.

It is very hard to do finger/arm grinds on plastic yoyos. If you are interested in those I would recommend a metal.

Hope I could help.

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Since this has already been warmed up. I would like to say that it is not hard to arm and finger grind with Celcon yoyos. My Speed Maker works well. You just need to get the hang of it and make sure your angle is good or it will bounce off.




thumb grinds with a legacy SUCK!