Grind on a metal pipe


i know it may sounds a bit weird, but is it possible to grind on a metal pipe, without making some scratches on the yoyo’s body?

(M²) #2

Yes, but it depends on the pipe and the yoyo. Generally though, even if it does scratch your yoyo, it probably won’t do any significant damage.


dings add character to the yoyo anyways xD


agreed. i think if the pipe is “sleek” like the first one in the video, i don’t think it will scratch the yo-yo much at all

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A lot of it depends on the material of the pipe, but how smooth it is generally a product of the material anyway.


yea. and i think it depends on how you actually maneuver your yo-yo when you grind on the pipe

keep the yo-yo straight/non-tilting means less scratches

a tilting yo-yo will most likely end you up with a small scratch


I’m going to add that I don’t think Tyler really cares. It looks cool and he is sponsored.

(Edmeister) #8

Honestly it will damage your yoyo.
Their is no way it’ll not leave a mark on your yoyo.
I mean sometimes you’ll get lucky and not get a single mark on your yoyo on Some type of Solids.
My house is a Wooden Floored Base [ Atleast my room is ] and When i hit my yoyo on the floor it dosent do damage.
one time it fell out of my hands while spinning and it ended up giving it some scuffs.
So If you dont mind your Yoyo being Not Mint Anymore [ Or More Damaged ] Go for it.
But it will damage your yoyo to answer your question.