GREAT lot of stuff for a GREAT price!!


Sweet set to get you started or addition to your collection!!

  • 1 catchy kendama
  • 1 yoyo factory velocity
  • 1 yoyo factory shaqler/northstar
  • 1 yoyo factory black gentry stein limited run model (from the mystery box)
  • 1 magic N12
    24 new poly strings
    AND 1 clear plastic yoyo factory tool!! (not pictured)

All in excellent shape. Little use.
worth ~ $135 new

70 shipped to you in the connected usa

I have an ebay account for reference if needed.


I want to sell as a lot. Not divide.

Why buy one when you can buy a group? :smiley:


Free bump, but your NEVER going to sell it at this price you know that right? I mean, n12 and poly is nice, but n12 is something that a lot of people on here don’t want. Plus, your just re-selling the mystery box. that was fifty. Sorry to tell ya but n12 and poly is not worth almost 80 bucks.
Had a guy a while back trying to just sell his box, and he only BARLY manage to get 35 for it. XP I mean, I wish you luck, but you need to have some better expectations or your never going to sell this.


Thanks. Good to know.

Not worth my time to sell them then. I thought it was a good price for some toys. I’ll probably end up keeping them.

Funny how finicky people who regularly spend over 100 dollars on metal toys can be about a price.


its not being fickle, its basic economics. supply & demamd. Also actually knowing how much your stuff is worth.


I typed finicky, not fickle.

Also, you realize I’m asking 70 shipped OBO…the mention of 135 was about cost of everything new…

I think 70 shipped OBO is plenty fair, especially since the gentry is going for 45 new now…

We may have a misunderstanding here.


Ok, I’m gonna try and be the bigger man. I did not see the 70 shipped for the USA. I admit if would have saw that, I would not have commented. I saw the 135, and since while the mystery box was being sold, people were asking crazy prices then and i thought that was coming back. I apologize for opening my mouth before all the facts.

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