Mystery Box Gone Wrong-- Anyone Want It?


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Hi all,

I just got a YYF Mystery Box and didn’t really like what I got. Since there are no returns this was the second best place. All yoyo’s are unopened. I got a Catchy air Kendama, a yet-to-be released Machined Plastic Gentry Stein G-Funk (limited-edition all-black) and a Victor Gravitsky Protostar. I am no longer selling items individually. I will only trade for metals with a good fingerspin cup.

I am selling the whole box for $50 w/shipping:

Catchy Air Kendama:

Victor Gravitsky Protostar:

Limited-Edition- All-Black -Plastic G-Funk:

All of the 6 trading cards:

All prices do not include shipping. I can only accept cash or a YYE Gift Card. No trades. Feel free to PM me.



I understand that I have no trade history so I will be willing to send the items first on anyone with a trade history greater than 20 positive reviews.

PM me!


Bump! Still available, so PM me!


There’s a lot of things “gone wrong” with this post


I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the mystery box that you bought for $50 from YYE but are now trying to sell for a profit, using YYE’s message boards no less, including $5 for the cards that come free with any YYE purchase. I could be wrong, though. The post was vague.


No, I’m pretty sure you hit the nail on the head ;D


Yeah I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but it’s gonna be a hard sell since your trying to sell everything retail, with out shipping prices, I doubt you’ll beable to do all that for cash. I’d do a trade for you ‘plastic g funk’ though if interest pm me.


I am no longer selling the items individually for 75 w/ shipping.

PM Me,


I’ll give you an absolutely free bump here because it’s riding close to the time of your own last bump… You’re asking for 150% the cost of a known commodity… PLUS shipping…

If you REALLY just wanted to recover from your buyer’s remorse, you will have much better luck selling it for $50 plus shipping. You had every right to try to turn a quick profit from it if the market was there… who am I to judge? But it’s been a few weeks now and your ad has not borne fruit. You have proven that the market is not there after all. Worth a try, but it didn’t work!

My advice is to cut your losses (the time spent) and try to break even.


This retailed for $50 and you’re selling for $75? Good luck with that!


Two posts same items and you bump both?


how much for just the gentry pro model ???

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