This is it--- $25 Mystery Box -=[SOLD!!!]=-


I am selling my failed mystery box for $25. I started at $75 but have had no buyers. I went to $50 and still got no bites. This box is bad luck and I want it out of mt house by tomorrow. I am losing money on this deal so congratulations to the buyer. It comes with a Gravitsky Protostar, a Re-Gen, and a Catchy Air Kendama. To seal the deal PM me your address and a gift-card code for $25 for Yo-Yo Expert. I have posted this twice so please give me a break. I am going to send this as soon as I get the PM via USPS Priority Mail. Consider this a Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Whatever-You-Celebrate gift.

Thank You and Happy Holidays,


I am intrested please personal message me and we can talk

Bump! PM me if it is sold before sending me stuff!

Sold! Thanks for all your offers!