$50 Mystery box and nip Mystery throw FS! Also want Werrd 86400 Hachiroku

I got 1 mystery box for sale, 50 dollar box and I’m looking to get 50+shipping for it, or trade, unopened, still get the suprise of Protostar or Northstar! I know its gonna be a hard sell, but someone may want it.

I may have one never thrown in package Gentry mystery throws(Its in the box above ill open it for the right deal though). Will have pics later tonight, looking to trade this for some metals(YYF horizon, too hot, etc). I can add cash to sweeten the deal. Will have pics soon.
I also have 2 Victor Gravitsky protostars, one new in box, one thrown only a few times with no box, both mint, will add cash to trade, maybe a n12 and something else(Both of these are from already opened mystery boxs)

I just saw the Werrd 86400 Hachiroku edition. It say 86 in big numbers and has a Toyota ae86 on it. I was a jdm car guy before I was a yoyo player so I need this throw. Willing to pay for it too, I understand they’re pretty rare.


I can’t believe no one has bought this $50 box for $50
So I’m not only bumping to help you sell.
I’m bumping so hopefully YYF sees how good they did lol