Grease responsive bearing

My responsive bearing on my dark magic 2 make some noise and don’t spin as it used to… Which grease or oil should I use? Jigaloo? White grease? Pl100? Gun oil?

There’s a lot of grease and oil that I own I can’t believe that I absolutely need to buy the little bottle on the site :wink:

Thanks :wink:

Lubricating a bearing will not make it spin faster, contrary to common belief. It probably needs a good cleaning and a LIGHT lube. Go here : Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos for details. Gun oil, fishing reel oil or 3-in-1 used sparingly works fine.

Also available at the hardware store: synco Super lube. same stuff as yomega lube.

I don’t want to spin faster but want to spin as long as it used to be

So I could use a gun cleaner and gun oil

Faster, longer, better all the same…


I Will try that

I bought a new bearing too just wait it now

Well I tried cleaning and oiling and it is not much better ! You were right :wink:

Maybe the bearing is just scrap!?

Well I’m waiting for a new one…