Grateful for yoyos


Let us all tell why we are grateful for yo-yos and yoyoexpert.

I’ll start.
Yoyos are simply the funnest thing in the universe. I would also like to thank all of the moderators, administrators, and forum experts. They make the forums a fun and safe place to hang out and talk about yo-yos. If it weren’t for them I probably wouldn’t yoyo or have a forum account. The Experts have helped me many times and allowed me to learn may new things.

Thank you,


yoyoing is fun, and keeps people out of trouble, and brings many diverse cultures of the world together… it wouldnt be possible without the magic of the internet and many great leaders and visionaries to bring it together… you know who you are… ;D


It’s Awe-Some


Just think… what if all of the world leaders yo-yoed. The government would be so much better.


i like your optimism

(DOGS) #6

Yoyos are cool. It’s the boon that comes with it that makes it worth it to me.


So simple yet so great… Creativity, style, skill, determination, etc. So many great things one can take from these spinny things we dedicate so much time to.


if i was stranded on a desert island all i would need is a yoyo and some extra string