Grasshopper GTX vs Meerkat

Just wondering. Might not get one for a while. I really enjoy throwing the PLSTC, ND, and Shutter, so how do they play differently to those and each other. Thanks!

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I’m kind of a newbie, so take it with a grain of sale, but I think the Grasshopper GTX is probably the best bang for your buck, period. I’ve acquired a lot of yoyos and the Grasshopper GTX is one of the best at any price point. Meerkat is great too, don’t get me wrong, but something about the GTX just connects with me.


Do you think the Grasshopper GTX has any problem with slacks because I like slack tricks quite a bit? Like is it a little narrow?

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At the moment, I am 100% garbage at slacks, so I can’t tell you there. However, they are almost the same size, with the Meerkat being SLIGHTLY wider.

Here’s a Shutter Wide Angle in the middle for reference


If you look to nature for the answer:



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ok great! It doesn’t look like the grasshopper gtx is that much thinner. Do you notice any difference in play?

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Janos Karancz (Grasshopper GTX) is known for slack elements. He won worlds by literally using 80% slack tricks -ha!


Yeah, I was just wondering cause he’s a lot better than me.

@malachigutwein I’m in a similar situation as you as I don’t have either yoyo. If I were to choose at this moment in time, I would choose the Grasshopper because I see people wanting to trade for or buy them in the bst. If I got a Grasshopper gtx I’m pretty certain I’d be able to trade it or sell it and acquire a meerkat. That’s how my mind works, plus I’ve heard more positive comments about the grasshopper however the gtx does not have those cool scribbled meerkats on it. :smile:


Ok thanks! I actually don’t care for the engraving. I like the clean plain look of the Grasshopper GTX.

I think the Grasshopper GTX is more stable, and overall just feels better. If I was asked to give up one right now, it would be the Meerkat in a heartbeart. I don’t dislike the Meerkat at all, by the way, but the GTX just feels all-around great.


Yep, always go with the greatest smile! :grin:


That’s a good life lesson!

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How the heck did you even find this lol.

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I own both, if you like the nd, meerkat.

Looking for something a little different, go grasshopper.

Grasshopper is a stable beast of a yoyo, plays solid right in the middle, shape is great, size is right, all around a solid yo.

Meerkat has that nd like shape, plays a little quicker than the nd. Stable, can destroy any combo you throw at it.


I haven’t played the Meerkat, but I received a Grasshopper GTX today - immediately felt comfortable with it and it has a very premium feel and look. Doesn’t have a very extreme bi-metal feel, but still has a ton of power, very stable, and just feels ‘right’. It will probably be the throw I use the most to learn new tricks - it can play fast, slow, or anything in between. Really pleased with it :smiley:

If you aren’t dead set on a bi-metal, I’d suggest you check out the One Drop Kuntosh 5000QV. It’s about the same price as the Meerkat and Grasshopper GTX if you go for one of the solid colours. When I first threw it I was underwhelmed, but I changed the One Drop flat bearing for a NSK concave and I’m honestly blown away by how good it is - almost feels like cheating!