Grandyoyo clock


I just made up a trick that what I like to call the Grandyoyo Clock…

It’s basically made for even a beginner…

How to do;

  1. Throw a breakaway
  2. Do the same moves of the ROCK THE BABY (you should get a ROCK THE BABY but the yoyo sideways)
  3. Then instead of swinging the yoyo back and forward swing the yoyo side to side (you should feel the yoyo touching the sides of the cradle at that point swing to the otherside)
  4. Practice it’s easy

Can you plis write on what you think about my Grandyoyo clock

keep yo-yoing

(YoYoBlaze) #2

well it’s a nice beginner’s trick, but a little simple. good job though hope you come up with more ticks


I’ve done it before :stuck_out_tongue:

(YoYoBlaze) #4

doesn’t matter if you’ve done that before. bionic is just sharing it with others. it’s one of his 1st posts. ::slight_smile:


I think it’s cool cause I don’t have to waste half an hour figuring out the first step!


Ive done it before too
but still you named it
yoyoing is all about creativity
good job :slight_smile:


It kind of likes like boing-e-boing if you hit the strings hard enough.