Grandma Kimmitt sandwich problem

I am trying to learn GKS but every time i have to place the loop under the yoyo it starts tilting off the string. Im just posting this to see if anybody has had the same problem and know how to fix it

I had the same problem once I started learning the trick. Once you start to get it smoother it will stop tilting. Just keep practicing.

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Make sure you have a strong throw, as it takes one when you’re learning the trick. Make sure the strings arent touching the walls of the yoyo. I had this problem also but itll pass once you master it.

I have this same problem! I need to keep on practicing to master it, apparently.

That problem can be experienced in more than just GKS. For one thing, like someone said, get a tronger throw, for another, you might be putting the loop at an angle to the “groove” of the yoyo.