Got some new throws today...


So I finally got my Yeti in the mail today, and lo and behold a Majesty I have been waiting on also arrived. I was stoked to try both of them. I’m glad I tried them in the order I did. I was really excited to finally try a General-Yo, so I set it up first and gave it a few throws. I didn’t like it. It may be I just need to get used to the shape and weighting, but I didn’t like the way it rolled out of my hand and spun at the bottom of the string. That may change as I play with it more.

Then I set up my new Yeti. Wow! I was thoroughly impressed from the second it left my hand. When I first ordered it, I was pretty excited, but then I saw all of the crazy offers people were getting for them and thought, I might just see what I can get for it when it gets here. Now, I don’t think I would trade it. Excellent throw so far.


Does ur yeti vibe on grinds?


Eh, not really any more than one would expect. It’s much smoother than most of my metal throws.