Got My Lyn Fury

I just got my lyn fury a few days ago. Can someone give me tips on like how to make it work better, mods, etc.?

Well what do you want to modify?

BTW, this belongs in the modification board.

Well its not that responsive and i havnt quite got the hang of binding. When i try to bind with the brain twister mount the string gets all tangled up. I still cant do the other ways of binding.

Well when you learn to bind and get better then you may want to silicone it. I think the gap is pretty big so you probably don’t need shims.

To make your Lyn fury more responsive you could get and use some thick lube in the bearing until you get used to binding and try learn to bind from a trapeze from either the side or from infront of yourself.

Just keep it responsive for now, no need to rush your binding skills. Add some sort of thick oil to the bearing (3in1 oil or thick lube).

You can add some synergy caps to it. :wink: