Got called out during an important induction ceremony for yoyos

So i was inducted into my school’s National Beta society chapter last night, and i get called out big time TWICE!!!

I was on stage and was waiting in line to be called. i had to give my note card, with some minor information about my self written in third person, to the announcer. Then when my card was begin read i walked towards my principle to get pinned with my Beta Club pin.

This is what my card said.

“Johnny is a bright student, loyal friend and extra ordinarily skillful at yo-yoing.”

the students who were in the auditorium giggled, because they were expecting that i would have something about yoyos on my card. Then while my principle was pinning me, she ask, “so do you have a yoyo on you?” I replied with a smile and said, “yes, i have one in my pocket ^^”"

she then proclaimed to the whole auditorium that i did in deed have a yoyo. “This is the yoyo guy!!!”

-----end of first call out-------
----beginning of second-------

The induction ceremony is coming to a close and the principle give a closing statement.
she goes on and talks about how our grades are high and the diversity of our school activities such as clubs.

Then she ask, “Where is the yoyo guy!?” (lol she didn’t even call me by name, but by “Yoyo guy” XD)

the parents were looking around for me, but all the students looked right at me!
i slowly raised my hand while sinking into my chair.

She starts going on about how i am skillful at yoyoing and talks about my yoyo club.
She THEN calls out my SEVEN year old brother XD

he walks out in front of my principle in front of the stage and she ask, “Jacky, can you do yoyos like your brother?” of course my lil bro said no.

But everyone one was fond of my lil bro well cuz he’s little and an adorable lil asian kid.

But yes tht was my long story of how i called out cuz of yoyos during an important ceremony.

anyone have a story of their own to share?


at my school, im “yoyoboy” “HEY ITS THE YOYO BOY!!! LETS SEE IF HE HAS A YOYO WITH HIM!” then, i pull it out of my pocket, and rush to class before they ask me anymore…

At my school, Dan Dietz is the yoyo guy, not me. Though I wish I were good enough to earn that label as well.

Lol, I get the same thing. They ask If I have a yoyo with me, and I say,

“No, only nerds carry around yoyo’s with them”
There like: -_-
Then I pull out a yoyo
There like: Mind=Blown

Moral of story; I’m a nerd

I often get called the “Yoyo Man,” and I’m like “No that’s Tom Smothers. I’m Buddy Jim.”