Got a mystery box at 12:43 a.m EST


I was using my iphone 4S in line at gamestop refreshing from 11:00 - 12:43 when finally in loaded and got a confirmation. I have so many screen shots of me raging thinking I would not get a box but at that time there was still 131 when I checked out. It seems that it was not about being fast on the finger tips, but just having the patience for the site to get fixed after the crash, when everyone just gave up. Was not too bad, but was doubting getting one with checking out on a cellphone with almost no service in the mall. Whats your story and if you got a box/bag what time did you snatch it?


I got one at 8:01 Pacific Time


1:09 A.M. I’m happy. :wink:


1:00 i kept f5ing the thing it decided to surrunder and give me a bag. also after that i bought some toxic stings.


I got mine ate like 10:25 western time. I am still happy.


WHAT!? They were still in stock by 8:00 in the morning?! I gave up trying to load the page by 11:45 PM because i thought they were sold out. Oh well at least i got a Cupcake and strings for 15% off.


Was almost 2am when I got two bags. I was also on my iPhone. I sadly have no Internet at home.

(*Kim*) #8

The idea that you navigated that madness with your phone and actually managed to get bags is a miracle in and of itself.


No, 8 in the night PACIFIC time. Like around midnight.


For me, the boxes went live at 7pm for me, as I’m in Alaska, and I’m 4hrs behind EST. I had my box and bag paid for by 8:30pm, then I left to go to stores.