I most likely wont be getting a mystery box this year. It comes out at like 7 my time and I wont have my info with me at the time. I was totally looking forward to trying for one. Anyone else inconvenienced by time zones?


Where do you live?


west coast.


Where in the west coast. Cuz didn’t it say it was at 8pm for the west? I live in California.

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Yeah… If you live on the west coast it drops at 8. It drops at the same time for everyone bro.


That’s what I’m saying. When I saw this post I freaked and I’m like wait what!? You planning to get one?


8PM West Coast time.


Then why does the timer say that there is one hour left?


If you look at the sidebar, it says he’s from the UK.


I just put that there for fun. I from the U.S.A.




There’s probably something wrong with it. My timer doesn’t show at all.

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Absolutely, if I can get one in time! :wink:


Oops, didn’t mean to thank you. But while I’m here, the timer needs a flash player to work.