First release Wednesday. Did you get a mystery box?

Nabbed me my first ever mystery box. Now i will for sure have more than just a DM2. I heard everyone talking about what might be in them, and everyone was saying high stock items might be in them. But my logic is wondering if what we see in low stock here might be in them because they had to pull them to put them in the boxes. Anyway, good luck to all and hope you get everything you wanted. Shout out if you nabbed one and how nervous you were during that lagggggyyyyy checkout!

Btw, mine took soooo long I didn’t think I was going to nail one! Good thing I can type all of my information super freaking fast!

This is why you fill out info ahead of time.

I used my phone, took some sweet time with PayPal and still worked.

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I had it in my cart from the one yesterday. Easy checkout and paypal. Was done in 5 seconds. All through the good old iPhone :wink:

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nabbed one yesterday huge relief sooo happy cant wait to c whats in it took like 5 minutes for me to check out even with all of the information that was in under my acount

LOL! I used my phones internet through tether. Sounds like phone connections are the way to nab them. Hrmmmmm trend?

Got 2. Sweeeeet

I nabbed one monday I was soooooooo afraid I wouldnt get one but I got one anyways

I used my phone and Paypal. It really was a breeze that way. The only thing I got nervous about was when I hit PayPal and it took a second thought it froze like all the things I read about happening to people.