Got $140 to spend in here, what should I get!!


So I’ve got some cash gift cards to spend here totaling $144.26.

Looking to get some new stuff, what should it be!

If you had this much what would you get!!

Keep in mind I’m plenty sufficient at any/all skill levels and have had some, not many high end throws.

My current favs are Code 2s and majesty’s.


Hmmm my choices would be:

One Drop x CLYW Summit
One Drop x ILYY Sakura SE
One Drop Code 1
One Drop DANG


Nsc Quantum. Very unique throw, only 50 made,


Most likely going to get something OD. Already have a summit so I’ll skip that.

Might end up getting a Dragon Slayer Code 2


Could get a new Co-Lab or Irony JP 2k13. P Wave is worth checking out as well.


The Co labs look amazing, and I do love inner grind rings. Might do that actually!

(G2 Jake) #7

Those Co-Labs. Fresh.


Dude, they’re sold out!!

Got any to sell me??!!


The co-lab does look like one sick throw. If I were you, I’d go for that!


It’s either the co lab or I’ve been offered a slepiner


Get the slepiner, NOW!

(major_seventh) #12

Slepnir! But make sure it’s authentic.

Seriously that throw blows all the others out of the water.


How do you know if it’s real or fake?


I’m buying it from here, from Alphua if that helps.

The pictures of it are on his BST.


Bought the Sleipnir and it is real!!!

(major_seventh) #16