Gordi Morey

Does anyone know him? I met him at a kite shop in Huntington it was super cool, he told me that he got 14th or something at Bandai Worlds in 1999 )if my memory serves me right) and he said him and his buddy’s pretty much made up 5a.

I met him. Wait. I was there when you bought 30$ magnets.

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Ah, so he used to hang with Steve and Neff?


I believe thats what he said when Cameron and I were talking to him.


He said Steave wasn’t someone you want to hang out with and he didn’t really hang with him.

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Oh lol. I mustva heard wrong. I was half listening and half looking at the no-jive.



who is this guy ???

He is a old yoyoer.

Wait. so Steve Brown, the creator of 5a, isn’t really the creator of 5a?

Whoa! No wai! And after all these years of proof that he did. Hmmm.

“Steve isn’t someone you want to hang out with”

For some reason I want to be surprised by this, but I am not. If Steve Brown didn’t really create 5a, then this is very interesting.

WAIT… I always thought… steve brown was the one who made 5a right??? The duncan guy? (Sorry, I don’t know the players that well) The one the DieNasty was made for? But if he didn’t make 5a… then why does everyone think he did? ???

BTW, where’s huntington? Cuz if I live near there (crosses fingers) and go to the yoyo store… ;D

what i know, that the method of using a counterwight has done by various people in the past. but the one responsible of making it so popular was steve brown.

i read something like that before…

Steave created 5a but he only did it after he saw Gordi and his pals trying to do shoot the moon with pencils on the string so they could switch hands. Thats not a perfect quote but really close.

This clears it up then, lol. I was confused.

Steave just saw them and then a month later he put dies on yoyos.

This is a little off topic, but I was just in the same kite shop on Saturday haha. Its the one at the beginning of the pier right? With the whole wall full of Duncan stuff?

Yup. Duncan and Yomegas.

Not a whole wall, but there is a whole shelf display for yoyos

I’m with Icthus, Steve Brown is the father of 5a, Gordi Morey MAY be an old school player but I highly doubt that Steve Brown undercut Gordi and stole his style of play. As for the “Shoot the Moon with a Pencil” statement, I hope it was a joke, as we all should know that 5a tricks do not incorporate looping tricks like shoot the moon. So even if there was some guy “Shooting the Moon with a Pencil on a slipknot” They weren’t doing 5a, they were doing some bastardized variation of Single Hand Looping which is NOT 5a.

Note to others: I am in no way a Steve Brown-Noser (w00t), nor am I easily offended so, keep your flames to yourself. So, for those of you who would flame, thanks for wasting your time. :smiley: