GooGone to clean a bearing?

Ok so i wanted to experiment with using grafite as a dry lube. Not positive if it will work 100% but thats why i want to experiment! The thing is i need a heavy duty cleaner to clean the bearing before (and after if i dont like it). I was wondering if i could use this stuff called GooGone and if its harsher than lighter fluid because LF is not gonna be enough.

I would advise against it.

I suggest using electical contact cleaner. It will remove any experimental lube you can throw at it.

Plus I have experimented with graphite powder. Not very good results. Then I cleaned it out with the ECC. I ended up prefering a clean dry bearing.

Have fun experimenting!

You want harsh? Buy Acetone, though I would advice against the use of Acetone, a pint of Mineral Spirits is probably enough.

Best advice is to not even try GooGone. The additives in it would probably leave a nasty film that would attract dirt which would basically be counterproductive. I use acetone to clean my bearings and Terrapin dry lube which so far has been amazing. Acetone works well on the bearings, dries rapidly and leaves no residue. A good runner up to the effectiveness of acetone is mineral spirits.

Acetone and pencil lead. it SHOULD work fine, graphite is used as a dry lubricant in alot of application just make sure its a very very fine powder I’m also thinking about trying this and mixing the graphite with acetone to make a “wet-dry lube”.