What are the things you can clean a bearing with?

what are all of them?

Have you checked here?

List of useful modification and maintenance guides

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mineral spirits, lighter fluid, acetone, fingernail polish remover (it has acetone in it), not sure but kerosene should also work. I use it to get rid of grit and grease on my bike chain, so it should be able to get gunk out of a bearing.

I use Zippo lighter fluid with no problems.

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I’ve seen a post with nothing but good things to say about electrical contact cleaner. (just make sure you get the non-residue stuff)


Lighter fluid, electrical contact cleaner, compressed air, and mineral spirits are all good choices.

The only problem is that it comes out of the spray can at a fast pace. It can splatter back into your eyes. Safety glasses PLEASE!!!

No Residue Electrical Contact Cleaner is the best.

But Heed all label warnings, wear goggles in a well ventilated area.

I run mine Dry, but you can lube to your taste.

This guy is absolutely right. Probably one of the best ideas i’ve heard, also has a bunch of other ideas on the thread as well as legitament conversations about it, not just trolling.

Yup. And the guy who started that thread posted information regarding exactly what he’s using.

It’s got all the right components:
It’s readily available
It’s affordable for what it is and how long it lasts.
It’s is said to work very fast and dry without leaving residue. This is key because many of the products I use to clean electronics intentionally leave resident to help prevent corrosion, which means the current stuff I use is not appropriate for this task of cleaning bearings. This also warns people to just not grab the first cleaner they find and expect it to be perfect.
Other people have confirmed this.
Icthus comes along and reminds us that eye protection should be a good idea due to the usage of a propellant and the splatter than does in fact happen. We do have to always keep safety in mind.

I prefer mineral spirits. The idea of using lighter fluid isn’t something I feel comfortable doing, especially if you lived in my house, you’d understand why. Acetone is another material that can be used as well.

John who does the Terrapin X bearings uses water and dish soap as one of his cleaning processes. I bet he’s using Dawn, because that brand I’ve found works really well at removing grease and oils from stuff. Properly rinsed and dried, there’s nothing wrong with this method of bearing cleaning. The key here is to ensure it’s properly and thoroughly dried. Of course, he does additional stuff afterwards.

Heck, sometimes just blowing out a bearing is all that’s needed, either via compressed air, a bike pump and ball needle, or even just blowing right into the bearing with your mouth.

Some of it comes down to preferences. I think for yoyo meets, contests and other gatherings where time isn’t a luxury, this electrical cleaner has a lot of merits and good qualities going in it’s favor. Plus, the community isn’t so rigid that it can’t open itself up to new ideas and concepts. This whole community is about growth and evolution.

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$1.65 bottle of lighter fluid from wal-mart. I also use it for my lighter. Done and done

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Any solvent of oil