Is there a yoyo community on Google+?


Look up

I’m in that club. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was the second member. :smiley:

I just joined it!

Posted my Gnarwhal vid.

joined it! now be prepared for almost no grammar!

Why are you proud of that?

Don’t ask me.

Also, I can’t figure out the mount of that slack thingy you made up…tut?

Because then I can pollute more stuff of my masterpiece!

I’ve been thinking about it. :stuck_out_tongue: Just need time.

I saw your library vid. First thing I thought of was “be varwy qwiet… I am hunting wabbits…”


What exactly is Google+? I just don’t know… haha.

It is kinda like Facebook but in my eyes but better.

The link isn’t working. What’s the community’s name so I can just look it up?


It’s sorta like Google’s version of Facebook.
If you have gmail, you have a G+ Acount.

Just joined! Whoo!