Online club: yoyomonkeys

If you have a google+ and in the age of 11-17 then join my yoyomonkeys all you have to do is tell me your google+ name and ill add you we can meet every 2 Saturdays some days will be skipped but join the club and Yoyo with us and hang out learn new tricks teach some tricks

Any questions just ask you can private message or comment same goes with your g+ name

Suggest a time

Sounds like a good idea! I might join!

You should think of a time

Ill join but dread stop double posting just modify your latest post

I’m new to the forum and I didn’t know that what’s your google+ name

Wait, how are you joining my club and your own??

yeah i made the yoyomonkeys at my school along time ago and your club inspired me but i can join your club they will be at different times

i just want to meet as many throwers as possible not meaning to be un-loyal.