good yoyos

I know I already had a about the jamboo and the meteor but I want a good mediem priced yoyo

any segestins and I have the Dark Magic

X-Convict, or an M1

Have Fun Throwing,


I agree %110 :slight_smile:

Impossible, the most anyone can go is 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, fine! I agree %100…and then some :stuck_out_tongue:

not x-convict, get m1 i have x-convict and i dont really like it

I think i’m just going to get the Jamboo just for show and mabye for a little throwing

In my opinion Jamboo should only be for show, no throwing…I had bad experiences with throwing Jamboos. :-X

me too.

jamboos have been Known to break into pieces litrally
axioms are good or an m1

dont say we didnt warn u if u get a jamboo

but ita all about persenal preference so get whatever u want

I would go with m1, axiom, or x-con.

    Once again- the Jamboo-


Yeah, the M1 is really good and a REALLY good price. If you want to put down a little more mabye a Project.

For me i like the 888. You could try out that and the G5.

Remember that’s my pereference.