Good Yoyos in Price Range

Okay, I would like to know your thoughts on this. I would like there to be no “Oh, great, another one of these posts” stuff going around.

So, I would like a yoyo that is about 40-43mm in width and somewhere between 50-56mm in diameter.
I am not used to using millimeters so I believe this is right. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would also like the yoyos to be in the price range of 20-50 dollars.

I would like you all to give me your recommendations for that price range and size range. Thanks in advance. Fire away.

You need to narrow down your parameters because you nailed over 80% of what YYE carries in the store with those kind of spec ranges.

Even at the $20-50 range, there’s still a lot of great stuff there.

Why don’t you list some models you’re interested in, along with any preferences you’ve established.

Oh, great, another one of these posts.

But as for the matter at hand: you haven’t stated any requirements for this yoyo other than a wide specs range, and a wide price range. Kind of hard to throw any suggestions out there. Because SOOO many yoyo could fit into these requirements. For instance, you didn’t even mention what material you preferred for this choice.

Okay, so here are some of the yoyos I am interested in:

and Echo

Out of all of those, the Raptor is my favorite. It’s not the best for horizontal, or really any elements necessary for competition, but nevertheless, it is a very fun yoyo. If you’re willing to pay just a tad higher, you can get the Strix at $55, which I like even better than the Raptor. The Strix unlike the Raptor, is great for competitions, and I know many around here will agree that it is an all around awesome throw.

What are your preferences? Because as of now, most people will just select their favorite yoyo, similarly to how I did. If you list what you want in a yoyo, we can give you a recommendation that is tailor fit for you.

The Echo is really good.

Get a shutter and forget the dv888 :smiley:

I think YYF should do exactly that.

That’s not fair. I mean, the dv888, I’m happy have it, but it’s not an ideal fit for me. It’s what I do consider a “Reference” yoyo as so many of us have it, we can use that as an item to measure against others. It’s a good yoyo, but the Shutter, hands down, BETTER!! The main concern here is the size as the dv888 is undersized and the Shutter is full sized.

Nothing wrong with the Raptor, but the Echo is a touch better due to some of the features and shape. I’d say the Metropolis but apparently they aren’t making that anymore, and I felt that smoked both the Raptor and the Echo, so bump it up and get a Strix.

Dash: I have zero interest in this item if it’s the Yomega one. If it’s the Yoyofficer Dasher, then it’s pretty decent. I prefer the Aurora, just a better shape for me.

I want the Dv888. I already have the Shutter (BTW, Sweet!)