good yoyo song?

im looking for a good song to yoyo too but i cant find the right song. can some people please suggest songs. BTW i am in the expert section part 1 of andres tuts

i appreciate it but its not exactly what im looking for. sort of more stuff like Eminem ‘till i collapse’ and Kanye west ‘stronger’. i didnt want to post them on here because of the swearing

Language warning.

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Just yoyo to whatever song of whatever genre(s) you like, but if you want my opinion. Ratatat is the way to go. I’m using one of theirs for a talent show this year for school. Also, like Vivo said Daft Punk is good, but Pokemon pwns everything. :slight_smile:  -trouble hunters    -sickly child

love em’ both

MAGIC!!! amasing 4a and 1a yoyo song. i swear!

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i’d heard this song before but know that ive heard it again you have convinced me to use it thank you

Do not do the pokemon theme song. I would suggest The Instrumental by lupe fiasco or Go To Sleep by Lupe Fiasco.

Agree. Although Pokemon might get some laughs from the audience…

Haha. There’s this guy at BAC that used this song though.

Great performance.

The pokemon song? Seriously? That was one of my friends ringtones. Went off in church.

With the two artists you listed I’d reccomend you look up Black Sheep and Kid Cudi